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Latest Seasonal Pen

I’m not a deer hunter anymore. Instead, to make pens like this one I use the antlers that I find on my walks along deer trails, or those that are brought to me by friends. The other day I heard a person comment about the senseless killing of such magnificent creatures just to get the antlers.  I tactfully asked for permission to explain that the antlers on male deer grow new every year. They are shed and fall to the ground for the tiny creatures to consume as food. Living in Minnesota and having many friends in Wisconsin I have no trouble buying or gathering suitable antler material.

30 cal lever action deer antler ball point

My pens are not made from unused or poached animals. The very idea goes against my nature. Instead when I receive or discover an antler I always ask where the antlers came from.  Then I clean them, size them to fit the pen kit I use, and then polish the material to produce a lasting memory or very special writing instrument. The pen pictured is a fine example of a high end sportsman’s pen.

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Pens for the interactive Screen in your life

The other day my oldest daughter stopped by for lunch. She does this quite often, and like her mother, she’s on the kick that has me on the perpetual diet. So I’ve been encouraged to journal my daily activities and calorie intake. So she says, "Okay Pops let’s add them all up and see how your doing."  So we carefully examined the online calorie counter for each food I was in the process of enjoying. Then, after we listed the calories we proceeded to add them up for a total lunch count. I’m on the Mac Air and she’s doing the numbers on her iPhone calculator. "Oh, Shoot!" I think I heard her exclaim. I asked what’s the problem? "Well I just had my nails done and it is really hard to hit the right numbers when I’m trying to keep up with you yelling them out to me like you are." I winced and slowed down.  After she went back to work, I thought there must be other folks having the same problem, not only with their nails, but because of the thickness of their fingers, and/or because they might have unsteady hands to begin with.

Then, this morning I received an email from my friend who’s an engineer type and he mentioned, totally unaware of my lunch "journaling"  incident, that he thought a dual purpose pen might really serve his purpose because he uses and iPad all day long and has found it a little inconvenient to have to pick up a pen to take notes on some paper pad or project note thing he’s working on at the same time. He said he was looking for something made of wood, with a little character instead of the usual plastic or metal ones he’s seen. His note was enough to get me thinking about this because I knew that there were two special people in my life that had a need, And I knew I could provide the solution. What you see here is the one I made for my daughter for today’s lunch "date."  Her comments: "It feels so good in my hand," and "It actually works!"

I’m thinking I’ve got to do a better job with the camera so you can see wood grain, color and matches better.  This is a piece of orange wood. The kit is a slim line gold with a black inlay on the pocket clip. As you can see it fits well in the feminine hand size. I have a version of the Wall Street II that will be perfect for the engineer and his bigger hand.

If you’re interested send me a note… send your wood preference and pen style…$29 gets you one … free shipping!

P.S.  The total lunch count for all food and beverages = 405! 

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