Product, Process, and Purpose

Pastor Kogler
Frederick A. Kogler


When describing myself and the product that I offer to others, I have to explain that my stock in trade is commonly known as organized religion. Over the past few months I have been trying to get a handle on the current state of organized religion in America. One of the things that has come to my attention in this regard is the widespread willingness for people to speak openly about what they believe.


My process is not unique, nor is it very scientific at this point. That, however, may soon change as I continue the course I have chosen to follow in the time of redirection. I have talked to men and women, young and old, married, single, students, single parents, laborers and highly skilled professionals, those who declare a denominational tie and those who eschew membership in any church at all. In addition to personal interviews and discussions, I publicly proclaim my biblical Lutheran Christian point of view and listen carefully to the feed back that comes my way after delivering a sermon or writing an article in our church’s newsletter.

All the time, including here and now I ask for feedback and listen carefully to what is offered. I am conscious of how, like so many others, I am inclined to hear what I want and chose to ignore all the rest. But, believe me when I say that, I try real hard to hear and understand what others have to say and what they claim to believe.

That means that if you read this and want to respond you may simply send my you perspective to

My purpose is gather more authentic data about religion and human spirituality than what I’m being exposed to in our present era. There will be no personal quotes, references, or debates in this process. If you feel, however, there is a similarity between what you have written and what I may post it will be purely coincidental.

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