Lonely but never Alone

Pastor Kogler
Frederick A. Kogler

Lonely but Never Alone!

Sometimes we just want to be alone. I know that there are times when I prefer more than anything else to be able to go into my wood shop and make something. I don’t want or need anyone to be there with me. I’m at peace and it gives me time to think.

Lonely at one time or another

Other times I feel very lonely. I become anxious, and a fearful wave of uncertainty comes over me. I feel empty, disinterested, and have no desire to do anything. This feeling can come over me even when I am in the middle of a group of people. It seems that this is true for many people. Over the years of pastoral counseling I have had folks come to me just to have a chat. At times they express their fears. Sometimes they have come to express their loneliness and their desire for some companionship and a chance to visit or share ideas.

God answers our need

It’s then that the Spirit of God reminds me that in my loneliness, in our loneliness, that in a very real sense we are never alone. Deut. 31:6; “ Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Oh, how good and gracious The Almighty Lord is to us.

How to help others in their loneliness.

A few years back I had a fellow who would regularly, the same day of week, same time of the day, unannounced, stop by my office for a chit chat. I saw his need and recognized the pattern. This prompted me to call a couple of his peers who were struggling in the same way. I suggested that we get together for coffee at the local bagel shop. Three guys came and the four of us had a good time swapping stories, slurping coffee and talking about everything. I offered to close our gathering with a prayer. It was good for all of us! (for more info drop me a line FREDERICKKOGLER@gmail.com
You can do it, too!

The original threesome has grown to a baker’s dozen! Some have invited friends along, others have added a donut to their morning klatsch, one guy is the coupon gatherer for the group. When one of the fellows took sick and landed in a local nursing home they prayed for him, then the whole group moved their meeting place (they had moved the local market deli) to his residence. When The Lord called him home, the “boys”, as I call them, returned to the local market/deli where they meet weekly, to this day, slurping their coffee, sharing their faith in Jesus and planning how to encourage others.

They are never alone, nor are any of us!

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