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Today was one of those that presented a longer "to do" list because of the weather and the day of the week.  I managed to get an early start by removing the snow from our driveway and sidewalk. After the exercise and fresh air it was to my office to get some badly needed correspondence taken care of and to do a little cleanup. It went well and much to my surprise I was able to get the "work" stuff out of the way before 9:30AM!  As I was reading my email and taking a few notes along the way it occurred to me that I really didn’t have coordinated pen to be used at my desk while I was working on the "mac." So what to do about that?… easy enough let’s, make one!

What a deal! A really good excuse to get into my shop and make some sawdust. 

Actually I had been thinking about this for quite some time as I had picked up some 7 strand Baltic Birch plywood that I wanted to test on the lathe so this seemed like a good project for that purpose.

I simply sized it to the typical blank size 3/4 x 3/4  x 5.25", drilled it out for a Wall Street II pen kit and once I had inserted the tube using CA, and let it set for a while to dry,I mounted it on the lathe and began turning. I didn’t stabilize the wood, nor did I dye it, both of those treatments will come later on in the process of evaluation of plywood.  I read somewhere that after the blanks are turned to size, before any sanding it should be dyed, dryed, and then stabilized…I will give these a try to see how they turn out using this plywood.

The final step here is to share the final project with you. Since I haven’t progressed to video- cam, you’ll have to settle for pictures until I get up to speed on that technology.

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