An update on the 4th

Greetings everyone. Without a doubt this 4th of July is one that has me thinking of things political. I have not journaled much of my feelings about what has been happening through the year since last year’s 4th, but let me assure you that I have had many problems understanding the reasons for the the president’s decisions, the actions of many political figures and the decisions rendered by the highest court of our land.

The other element of my life that gives me cause to reflect is the way that things are reported to me and the rest of us by the collected voices of the public media.   I’m no longer able to view things reported as fact! In fact, I’m sorry to report that in regard to daily news my prevailing attitude is to be very skeptical. Living on a day to day basis with such an attitude is not good for me or for those around me, wether it be in my family circle, friendship circle, or in casual or professional relationships.

It is for this reason that I want to give my energy mostly to the ministry of The Gospel, ministry and to wood turning.

I have learned much this past year in the area of woodturning. Not only have I spent time in a leadership role in our regional woodturners association, but I have had the opportunity to learn from the new friends that I have gained.  One of the areas of skill growth is the process of segmented turning. So, in addition to reporting and illustrating my pen turning activities, I’ll be showing you what’s going on as I learn more about segmented turning.

I have been teaching myself how to design segmented vessels using computer software, while at the same time practicing the delicate processes of cutting segments and preparing the rings that are to become a bowl or small box. Here’s an example of what I mean.

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