A Great Day For Making Shavings!

Brrrr! Its cold outside!  (6F when I got up this morning) So I headed down to the shop to see what I could do.

I managed to turn another stylus pen. I use a 7mm slimline kt with the special tip provided by WoodCraft. Paid $5 for the kit before discount.   This one is destined for one of the youth in my confirmation class at church. He has and uses quite avidly an iPad and iPhone. Both of which he worked and saved for and, as he says: "I had a little help from my folks." He thinks its cool that his pastor is on Facebook and uses an iPhone.  I think he might see me as old and incapable… whatever!  The wood I used for this stylus/pen is from a piece of flooring that I was given. I’m not sure of the species, so I won’t say, but, whatever it is, it turned easily and took a great finish.

The second piece for today is a small bowl made from northern white birch from Itasca Co, Minnesota. It happened that my wife and I were exploring the side roads this past July and came upon a small mill set into the deep woods. To my good favor the sawyer was on hand and he had a couple of nice pieces of Birch, Cedar and Maple.  They were sound and not dosied, sized about  6" x 6" x 8ft. and priced right. I loaded them in my van, headed back to our place on the lake and proceeded to make bowl blanks out of them. I put some sealer on the ends and let them dry.  Today’s bowl is the first of that batch and it worked perfectly. Another first for this bowl was the tools I used and the finish I gave to it.  The tools are carbide tipped. I used a larger round, and a square wiith a radius to it… both worked well.  The the finish I applied was a commbination of sanding sealer and paint thinner. (3-1). The inside I finished with butcher block oil to see how the combination would look and last.

While all that was going on I put out  to drip dry and condition some pen blanks that I had immersed in Turners’ Choice. The board was a piece of kiln dried lumber that had been cut from a Walnut burl. I like walnut and the smell of cedar so I look forward to making some pens from that batch. I got about 25 blanks form the board.

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