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The Last Before the First

As these things go, its about time to reorganize my shop before I throw away lots of junk! For me the contemplation of how to rearrange my shop has been on my mind for quite some time. I spend too much time looking for things and/or moving from one end of the space to another. So I have looked at  the present layout and started to execute a plan. I’ll put up a short video of how it exists today to show you what I mean.

What I hope to do here is use my iPad for my video camera, upload to and then link from here to those files to give you a journalistic report. I’m not sure about that whole process. 

To get started I thought I’d make one more turned object with the present configuration and then when I have it all done do another one.  That’s the reason for

2015-09-11 11.06.02the title of today’s blog: The Last Before the First.  I randomly chose a piece of dried wood (Ash) that seemed about the right size and I made a box with a simple finial (Mahogany) on the the top. Its 6.25″ x 3.5″ and nicely figured. I used carbide tipped chisels exclusively and finished the piece inside and out with 3-in-1 friction polish that I mixed up for myself (1 part BLO; 1 part denatured alcohol; 1 part Clear shellac – Capt’n Eddie calls this O.B. shine juice.)

This piece will go in my office at church to be a constant reminder that I have an ongoing project waiting to be completed.



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New School Year Medallion

Its hard to believe that we have entered our 70th year of school!

Back to school medalion
Back to school medallion

To commemorate this I made this for my wife and have added it to her private collection. Its made from a piece of flooring that I had left over from a cutting board project. Its about 2 inches round and 1/4″ thick.

Even as I type these words I am planning further steps at making a segmented bowl. I have gathered the wood, and conceived the design, what remains is the actual production of the piece of art. Stay tuned.


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